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iPhone Application for Political Updates

iPhone applications are not only for entertainment and business world but also people with other varied interests. There are people having keen interest in the political developments taking place in their vicinity, district, state, country and even round the world. Some of the political developments directly affect the business strategies and management. This is one of the reason why there are many people having special interest in politics. There are iPhone applications that cater to the interests of these kind of people too. Some of the prominent iPhone applications related to politics are as follows.

Congress and Congress+:

There are many different kinds of iPhone apps. With reference to politics the word “Congress” seems to be the most popular word. The two different applications Congress and Congress+ have been brought together especially for those people who want information only about Congress as well as for those who want information beyond the Congress. These applications facilitate the user with information pertaining to term duration, location of the office, district served, the contact information, legislative staff and allow them to twitter too.

Politics – The Essential Collection:

This iPhone application goes a step further than most of the other politics related applications. It facilitates the user with every kind of literature pertaining to various governments and politics round the world. It has a wide of range of books. The collection of literature and books stretches from the oldest to the latest books published on politics. This application is for the people who want a detailed knowledge about the world of politics.

ASAP – Politics:

The list of news related iPhone applications is quite long. Many of these would offer news headlines as well as news in detail. This iPhone application caters to the people that have keen interest in the New York politics. This application supplies with the details of every political event and political happening in the city of New York. So this application is city specific.

UK Politics:

iPhone app development is not only limited to the political development in the USA but also the UK. For the people especially doing business in the UK and who are very much interested in the politics out there this application is very vital. This application gives latest news about the political parties such as Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic Party. This application gives major news sources for leading news agencies and offers Twitter feeds too.


This iPhone application focuses on the elections and facilitates the user with latest information about not only the presidential elections but also the local elections. This iPhone app provides candidate information as wells as poll updates. The updates on the news are also accessible. The debate videos can also be watched.

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